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Hazardous to your Health



I don’t know about you, but when I am sewing, I am generally in my happy place!  My sewing machine is running (sometimes on its own), I have my headphones on listening to Pandora, iced coffee on a mug rug beside my machine, and I have my stash of sweet treats!  I can stay in there for HOURS!

One evening last summer, I was sitting in my comfy recliner/rocker in the family room reveling in the fact I had a beautifully cleaned and organized sewing room.  (Thanks to having been ill and put on Prednisone!  That stuff prevents one from sleeping so all those sleepless hours were dedicated to organizing my room!).  I was finally tapered off the medication and just relaxing.  Knowing I had my trusty stash of Dove chocolates in my sewing room, I decided to sneak quietly in there (I wasn’t wanting to share).  I managed to whack my bare foot on a chair on my way to my sewing room and break my toe!  Yup!  I screamed bloody murder, bent over to hold my foot, and my husband rushed down the stairs to the sight of my derrière up in the air!  I never did make it to the sewing room for chocolate.  I guess that’s what I deserved for not wanting to share!  My job at the time was a travel job and I hobbled through airports for a good 6 weeks!

The culprit:


So, it’s not just accidentally cutting your fingers with the scissors, or poking yourself with pins and needles, it can also result in broken bones.  Quilting is NOT for the faint of heart!  😊

Have you ever had that ONE PROJECT that you just can’t seem to finish?  Well, once my sewing room was cleaned and organized, I pulled out that ONE PROJECT – 14 years old to be exact, and determined to finish it for Christmas.  Here is the photo of the top completed prior to having my sister quilt it:


This is Judy Niemeyer’s Wedding Star pattern.  This was her first run of the pattern back in the late 90’s.  My eldest son was married in June 2004, and his wife chose the pattern and colors within that first year they were married.  I have learned that Judy improved her pattern a couple of times since then.

This pattern was a monster – meaning the size!  I think it ended up being 108 X 108!  It was paper pieced and I had such an issue finishing this!  I called my sister back in October and told her I was so sick of it.  She encouraged me to lay it out and once I did that, I had a renewed enthusiasm for completing this!

Diane made this quilt come to life with her tremendous long-arming talents!


Diane used a silver thread and the back of the quilt is black.  I refused to put a label on the quilt because the back was just as stunning as the front!

But, Oh My, what a wonderful feeling to get that quilt completed!  I have decided to turn over a new leaf and NOT have multiple projects going at the same time! (We’ll see how long that lasts!).

If I can do it, so can YOU!  Go dig up that ONE PROJECT that you haven’t been able to complete, and get it off your UFO list!


Until next time . . .