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Longarm Service

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Please be sure to fill in the form to help us in scheduling the service.  And tell us a little about your quilt - who is it for?  Is it a birthday or some other celebration?  What will the recipient of the quilt like about it?  That will help us guide in choosing just the right way to quilt this for you.

This product is a deposit on longarm quilting.  This means you have pieced a quilt and now need it sandwiched into a nice warm quilt with batting and backing.  

Before you place your order, you might want to call and chat about it first. Be sure to measure the length and width - we use that to give an estimate.

Please feel free to call 802-310-1837 and we will walk you through the process. 

Click on the link below to see our Little Miss Lovey in action! 

Little Miss Lovey - Our Gammill Longarm

More Info:
  E2E at 1 1/2 cents per square inch (the pattern selection we do through email or in person if you are local)
  Custom quilting: from 2 cents to 6 cents per square inch

Extra Charges:
  Thread Charge: Up to $ 4 (several factors are involved in this charge)
  Batting - We have 100% Cotton, 80/20 Cotton/Poly, 100% Wool, and 100% Polyester
  Backing - We have a small selection of Wide backs or we can piece a back for you
  Binding - we can apply binding for you to complete or we can bind the entire quilt