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2020-12-25 A Look Back

What a year this 2020 has been, right?? On this Christmas Day, I have had the opportunity to take a look back and boy did I find some crazy things!   Did you have a moment or two when you found yourself asking, "What are you thinking???" like I did?
Some of my friends spent this year on UFO's ~ but not me.  Our guild had a contest, 20 in 20 which served well to inspire, but I didn't think I had that many projects.  Ha! Ha!, Right!!!
Some made masks - yep, I joined in on that one for sure.  Keeping community safe has been a big deal here in the little state of Vermont.
BUT, some where along the line, I got it in my head to learn something new.  Now like many of you stitchers, that is not the only craft you enjoy and I am the same.  In fact, here is a little history of my crafting...

Knitting(my great grandmother taught me at the age of 5 but it really took off when I was in high school and needed a new sweater.  Cathy could tell you more about that than I have in my memory.  :-) 
Dressmaking( this one I have a picture for...  I needed a new skirt and 7th grade Home Economics Class offered the opportunity - so tired of hand-me-downs! I can't believe I found this pattern on line!)

Hand Embroidery(Some sister girl chat about Hope Chest filling got this one out of the gate.  I still have my first project and proudly used it on my holiday table those early years of marriage...)

Next came

Crocheting (First baby blanket inspired this and short time frame.  My sister Deb got me hooked on crocheting because it was SO fast! ~ well not for me! I think Barbara was 3 months before I finished the carriage blanket for her.  I sure wish I had a picture.  I think my sister Deb just talked me through making the chevron pattern.  It was a favorite after that first one. I still giggle when I think of how many times I had to pull it out because it was coming to a point!  Counting counts in crocheting for sure!  I found out years later that my mom made a table cloth with exactly the same crochet pattern as I made one from.  It came from the Workbasket magazine.  I have both hers and mine.  :-)  Hers is much better and larger!

Tatting (My grandmother showed me how to do this when she was helping me with my 2nd baby and so I put an edge on my table cloth.  And just so you know, I took this picture today.  This table cloth is 48 years old!)

And then I graduated to Christmas Decorations with the tatting. This is one of my favorite ones.  My grandmother was so insistent that I practice getting the picots perfectly even.  Well, I'm still not that good at it, but I try.  Hmm, it's about time to get that shuttle out and add to my tree for next year.  

Moving forward some 20 plus years and finally I got into
Quilting ~ I made my first pieced quilt in 2008 using the Ohio Star pattern.  No picture to show, but a fond memory of a great friend in Texas who has it.  Actually, the very first quilt I made was way back when Cathy was getting ready to have her firstborn.  I threw a bunch of fabric on the floor and up came a farmland scene.  I believe the quilt is still with that firstborn too.  :-) 

And now..... in the year 2020 (remember that song, in the year 25 - 25, if man is still alive?)  Ok, I digress.  What got into me?  I have no idea, but one Sunday night I happened on a YouTube with this SO Cute southern Gal who was fondly known as the "Hard Working Mom", Lori Jacobs.  And enter in yet another craft!  She got me completely hooked - made it look SO easy!!! 
Drum roll Please......

It's Wreath Making!
Now, this is not my first wreath, that one is hanging on my daughter's front door this year for Christmas.  But this picture is so special to me!.  My friend, Pam Cross is such an amazing woman who just loved this wreath!  She was responsible for coordinating a major mask-making effort bringing  hundreds of people in Franklin County Vermont together for a common and hugely helpful cause.  What a production it was to keep socially distant while making sure people had supplies to make thousands of masks.  I love her smile and remember how she felt getting this wreath!

Looking back is indeed very special.  Remembering those who touch our lives in different ways brings heart warming smiles and warm wishes for a Merry Christmas and I hope 2021 is a grand year filled with heart-warming moments.

Until next time . . .