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Quilting Service Deposit

Quilting Service Deposit

* Enter Width of Quilt Top:    
* Enter Length of Quilt Top:    
Tell us a little about this quilt:    
Custom Quilting:    
* Tell us what you are sending (Top, Batting, backing, etc.):    

This is a deposit that will be applied to the total cost of quilting services.  We will call you to discuss stitch design(s) and thread color.  We are honored to be a part of your labor of love!


Be sure to download the PDF order form and include it with your package to us.  When we receive it we will help complete the form.

Measure your quilt Width and length from both edges and in the middle.  Take the average and enter it in the form.
Make sure your quilt top has been pressed and threads removed. Use the free form text box to tell us what you had in mind for the quilting design and thread colors.
Don't worry too much about how much you tell us here. When we receive your quilt we will call you and discuss in full detail.